KPMG Headquarters, Berlin

How did we connect sustainability, robustness, and elegance?

For over ten years now, a new district has been evolving north of Berlin’s main rail station. As a mixed quarter for residential, retail and cultural usages, Europacity is fast becoming one of the most cherished office locations in the capital. Directly next door to Tour Total and the government quarter, we have created another attractive element of the new district – in the form of the KPMG Head Office.

What materials and colors define the building’s surroundings? This was the key question for us as we were conceptualizing the KPMG new build. It swiftly became clear that bright natural stone is the ideal choice in our eyes. Limestone as a timeless, natural material is long-lasting and exudes an aura of authenticity. We opted for filigree louvers for the façade of the six-story new build and gave the whole a rhythmic feel with projections and niches. Different color tones and surface structures are the perfect fit for this edifice and underscore its high-grade interior. And the rounded corners of the building, so crucial in terms of urban setting, are a real eye-catcher.

We designed a building with a long future, combining highly durable materials with timeless architecture.

Project: KPMG Headquarters, Berlin

Client: CA Immo Deutschland GmbH

GFA: 22,965 m²

Completion: 03/2018

Awards: DGNB Platinum

Photos: Adrian Schulz

“We believe that natural building materials and a timeless, robust architecture form the basis for future-oriented buildings with long lives ahead of them.”

Our architecture and choice of materials enables us to combine sustainability, robustness, and elegance – an invaluable contribution to the future development of Europacity Berlin! The long-lasting natural stone also impacts favorably on heat insulation thanks to the back-ventilated structure of the facade. Windows make up a maximum of some 60 percent of the frontage to heighten energy efficiency even further.

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