Tianjin Art Museum, Tianjin

How did we combine nature and a cultural space to create an unforgettable experience?

The boom in urbanization in the People’s Republic of China is also evident in Tianjin, a city just outside Beijing. The new art museum is part of an extensive development project for a large culture and leisure time zone with a spacious park and a central lake at its heart.

The museum’s glazed facades offer great views in – and great views out over the lake and park. And of the other cultural buildings that flank the new museum. The generously dimensioned forecourt can be used for outdoor exhibitions. Like the tea lounge on the top floor, it offers visitors an opportunity to let the impressions of art and space sink in. In the light-filled atrium an impressive cascade of staircases functions as a gallery with a view of the park.

By impressive window fronts that open the new build out to the park in the new cultural zone.

Tianjin Art Museum

Project: Tianjin Art Museum, Tianjin

Client: Tianjin Headquarter of Key Planning Bureau of Urban Planning

GFA: 33,000 m²

Completion: 05/2012

Awards: ICONIC Award - Category "Architecture - Public"

Photos: Shuhe Photography

“Glass as a material not only creates views inwards, but also links inside and outside in many ways.”

Seen from any angle, it’s clear that inside and outside spaces meld at the Tianjin Art Museum to offer a novel architectural experience. Visitors thus find themselves in the middle of a dialog between nature and culture.

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