ILB Investitionsbank des Landes Brandenburg, Potsdam

How can a building meld city and countryside?

We are planning a new build for the Investitionsbank des Landes Brandenburg ILB on a hitherto unused site in the immediate vicinity of Potsdam’s main rail station. The location, with prime links to downtown, also marks the edge of Nuthepark – a landscaped park that is as good as natural and boasts meadows along the Havel River. How can a new banking HQ be erected here that remains easily accessible and yet open to nature?

We divided our design into three volumes that are linked with one another over a two-story entrance hall. Formally, the cubic pavilions function as an intermediary between the urban blocks round Potsdamer Bahnhof, on the one hand, and the open landscape of the river meadows, on the other. A special feature: All three buildings have an inner courtyard that opens on one side onto the countryside. These “windows onto the meadows” integrate nature into the ensemble and from the courtyard-facing offices offer extraordinary views of the park.
All the communications zones, such as meeting rooms, the restaurant and the cafeteria are located in the “meadows floor”, the terraces of which lead direct into Nuthepark. The combi-office structure, with common areas located between the office cells promotes concentrated work while fostering communication between the staff members.

As a harmonious ensemble it embraces nature.

Project: ILB Investitionsbank des Landes Brandenburg, Potsdam

Client: Investitionsbank des Landes Brandenburg ILB

GFA: 27,500 m²

GV: 118,900 m³

Number of workplaces: 700

Competition: 05/2012, 1st prize

Completion: 05/2017

Photos: Simon Menges

“At the interface of city and countryside, an open ensemble of buildings is arising with at its heart an office structure for concentrated work.”

We have designed an open ensemble of buildings at the edge between the city and the countryside, that confidently gazes toward the city and the rail station.

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