Dorma Headquarters, Ennepetal

How to give a 1960s corporate HQ a new identity?

Preserve the existing structure while building something new: That was our goal for the transformation of the Dorma headquarters in Ennepetal. In pursuit of corporate architecture, we redesigned the headquarters and at the same time tapped into the resources and potential the existing building offered. Using the grey energy of a building, expanding its core in a logical way, and transforming it intelligently – that’s what resource-saving building means to us when it comes to modernizing conversion.

Economical building is a foundation for good planning: We save resources and look for innovative approaches and new materials. Yet building from scratch is not always the best solution. For the Dorma headquarters, we modernized and expanded the nine-story existing building from 1968.
The user needed more space, a new energy concept, and contemporary workplaces for different forms of working. In order to adapt the building structure accordingly, we modernized the building technology, reconfigured the floor plans, and added a transparent glass façade. This looks modern and offers a view deep within: The vertical layering of entrance areas, open office levels and three additional levels including a roof garden becomes recognizable. The steeply angled pylons on the recessed additional floor form the structure for the new floors and the glass shell. Intelligent expansion and efficient modernization – this is what conversion efforts can look like.

We added a story, reorganized it, and gave it a new façade.

Dorma Headquarters

Project: Dorma Headquarters, Ennepetal

Client: Dorma GmbH & Co. KG AA

GFA: 7,940 m²

GV: 31,000 m³

Competition: 11/2001, 1st prize

Completion: 07/2004

Photos: Stefan Schilling

“For us, good corporate architecture means building on what is there and thinking ahead to the future.”

Back in 2004 we gave an answer to the question that is now highly topical: new build or modernizing conversion? Our answer? Use the existing situation to modernize or transform! This way, we extend the lifespan and usage of a building. Most importantly, however, we give it a new identity – this way, it remains visible as a symbol of the company and is simultaneously representative of contemporary architecture.

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