WestendDuo, Frankfurt/Main

What makes an intelligent high-rise?

Frankfurt, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hamburg and now Munich, too – Germany’s big cities are growing, while space for living and working is ever scarcer. With increasing urbanization, the demand is growing for high-rise buildings that first and foremost offer one thing: lots of room inside not much space. So what shape should sustainable high-rise planning take?

For us, technologically intelligent and sustainable high-rise construction means developing efficient construction principles and using materials and energy sparingly while at the same time presupposing an aesthetically appealing and elegant solution as a given. We achieved this goal with the WestendDuo back in 2006. With its relatively low height of 96 meters, the building is one of the smaller towers in Frankfurt. Nevertheless, it offers maximum space for working on 25 levels, large public areas in the base of the building, and bright spaces with a feel-good atmosphere.

Our aim is to deliver high-quality designs and a high level of user comfort with the least possible energy consumption. To this end, we developed an individual energy concept and an innovative building structure with a pleated ceiling system that provides for optimal utilization of the ceiling height. The integrated building technology with its climate-control ceiling in the built structure of each level and its own water pump in the basement meets the highest standards. In architectural terms, the building scores points for its abundant use of glass and high-quality materials. Open, column-free rooms enable flexible usage configurations.

Beauty, sustainability and efficiency combined in an innovative way.

Project: WestendDuo, Frankfurt/Main

Client: Hochtief Projektentwicklung GmbH

GFA: 50,690 m²

GV: 128,120 m³

Competition: 11/2001, 1st prize

Completion: 12/2006

Photos: Jean-Luc Valentin

Awards: The International High rise Award 2008, Special Prize for Sustainability,, Prime Property Award 2008, 3rd prize

“Sustainable, efficient architecture and high-quality design are not mutually incompatible; rather, they constitute the consistent starting point for our deliberations.”

We have found the most effective solutions for the building construction, which turn a high-rise into a sustainable and socially compatible building. At the same time, it boasts optimal energy savings with efficient use of materials and innovative building technology. The open base of the building demonstrates another aspect of sustainable high-rise planning: incorporation into the urban space. Here, bars, cafés and restaurants create appealing meeting places.

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