FSB 1271

The FSB 1271 product family offers a consistent design option for modern buildings.

In cooperation with FSB, the manufacturer of door and window hardware, Jürgen Engel has come up with its own range of door openers. A desire for timeless aesthetics was the inspiration behind the FSB 1271 product family, which boasts a consistent design for all the openers in a building. Optimized in terms of all technical matters, the shape of the FSB 1271 combines precision with easy handling and like no other door opener family enables a property to be fitted out consistently with door openers, frame door openers and window handles with a geometry that is identical. The particular focus in this respect is on the levers for framed doors which require neither a crank mechanism nor offset and still meet all relevant standards.

FSB 1271

In cooperation with: FSB

Awards: ICONIC Awards "Product", Best of best

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