ELEMENTS, Frankfurt/Main

What does the Corporate Architecture for a Swiss fitness studio look like?

The Swiss company Migros, which is based in Zurich, is the corporation behind the exclusive ELEMENTS fitness and wellness brand. In Germany, there are seven studios thus far. We designed their corporate architecture and in doing so gave built shape to the brand’s overarching values.

Swiss, surprising, authentic, personal, and natural – these are the attributes of ELEMENTS. Also authentic is the interior architecture we designed, with which we bring the Swiss mountain world directly into the studio and bring the brand to life.

The entrance area with espresso bar, reception desk with check-in boxes made of white Corian steel, and the “green wall” with real plants are all among the typical design elements. The changing rooms score points for their carefully considered interior details, such as bespoke curtains, glass mosaics in the showers, wooden towel hooks and subtle lighting. A pleasant ambiance has also been created in the loft-like training areas and studio rooms with the use of real wood. In keeping with the overall approach of the Swiss studio concept there are also spaces for relaxation and recovery: Saunas, steam rooms, relaxation pools, rhassoul and massage rooms offer members and day guests respite from the daily grind.

A 5-star blend of urban joie de vivre mixed with a natural aesthetic.


Project: ELEMENTS Eschenheimer Turm, Frankfurt/Main

Client: Migros Freizeit Deutschland GmbH

GFA: 3,600 m²

Completion: 11/2014

Awards: Iconic Award 2015 - Winner, German Design Award 2016 – Special Mention

Photos: Stefan Schilling

“Interior design and corporate architecture: Atmosphere, mood lighting and high-quality materials shape the brand image and ensure a sense of wellbeing.”

Be it in Frankfurt, Stuttgart or Munich: Our corporate architecture stands out for its unique combination of high-quality natural materials such as real wood, natural stone and green plants. We create design highlights based on the architectural context: Eye-catching elements in the entrance area of the Frankfurt studio at Eschenheimer Turm include a floor-to-ceiling, matt gold “hammam lantern” with a stylized Alpine silhouette. We believe these sorts of details are important in creating a visible connection to the corporate identity.

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