KSP Engel sets out to think and build holistically. In other words, we design buildings from the overarching urban setting through to the door handles. This is why we have a dedicated Interior and Product Design section. The colleagues there develop and design novel solutions for our working and residential worlds. In close collaboration with manufacturers, products arise that can be used in a variety of contexts and are thus not trammeled to a specific project. The interior concepts and designs, by contrast, are each tailored to a specific architecture and the users. Be it the world of work, hotels and hospitality outlets, museums scenographies or sports and spa zones – each of these spaces has its very own, pleasant atmosphere thanks to the carefully designed interiors.

ILB, Potsdam
HumboldtHafen Eins, Berlin
Türdrücker FSB 1271 - Design: Jürgen Engel
ELEMENTS Fitnessstudio Eschenheimer Turm, Frankfurt/Main

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