Concept & design

KSP Engel has an unmistakable approach: We stand for a carefully considered architecture that is based on thorough analysis and is never purely formal. We aim to build functional, truly efficient, sustainable buildings. Our holistic concepts take account of ecological, economic, and sociocultural aspects. Location, context and purpose are crucial for our architectural thinking and actions.

We design buildings on two levels. In urban planning terms, we integrate them intelligently into a developed urban fabric, incorporate local points of reference and bring new quality to the urban space. In architectural terms, we design individual buildings that merge technical and aesthetic aspects to create a logical solution.

Sustainable building

From an all-round perspective, what does sustainability really mean? For us, it means saving resources, longevity and economic feasibility. We take our cue from the cradle-to-cradle principle, the consistently circular economy. This includes keeping materials and technologies within their cycles, factoring in the dismantling and recycling of construction materials even in the design stage, and ensuring that people benefit from intelligent buildings for as long as possible. For us, the topic of sustainability is not merely limited to resource-saving building concepts, but rather includes social, societal and economic aspects and issues of urban integration. Our flexible concepts provide for long-term usage, since the buildings we design can adapt to changing requirements. Recognized certifications of completed construction projects and numerous accolades are testament to our competence and experience in the field of sustainable planning.

Building redevelopment

KSP Engel has several decades of experience in the conversion of existing, often heritage-listed buildings. We are frequently somewhat pioneering in our careful and respectful approach to the architectural legacy. We were redeveloping and revitalizing existing buildings long before these services became established as architectural disciplines.

For the planning and design of redevelopment projects, you need sympathetic, truly sustainable solutions tailored to the relevant situation. It is precisely in this approach that we have developed specific, ever-growing expertise over the decades.

Implementation planning

Implementation planning requires real team work and interface management. Planning buildings today is invariably a holistic task, with networked specialist disciplines and in teams that communicate well and complement one another. Our implementation planners pursue the project goals on the basis of detailed scheduling that then drives forward-looking project coordination.

Our project managers are all experienced and highly qualified architects. They follow set rules in ensuring discussions and reporting for each project in order to integrate everyone involved, and also coordinate and consult with our clients. This also helps identify and avert risks at an early date. An important basic principle of our implementation planning is close coordination with our clients. We involve them in all planning and decision-making processes without overburdening them.

Jürgen Engel

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