Our work in the team

Multilingual. Independent. Imaginative.
Task-focused and goal-oriented.
With broad horizons and plenty of passion.

The phases of work

We define the task.
We analyze and research. Context is everything.
We come up with ideas.
We develop a design.
We submit the design and then we wait – and hope.

How we come up with ideas

In the concept phase, things are sometimes still a bit wild. We talk a lot about ideas, approaches, concepts – it might even get quite heated at times. For our designs, we use both analog and digital methods, from sketches drawn by hand to physical models to digital drawings. In our development of an idea, things then become calmer and more routine. The tasks are clearly assigned, and we then put together the individual elements using conceptual guidelines.
Things always get particularly interesting when we get feedback from our design colleagues across different offices and heated discussions arise.

When the real fun starts

With the tasks themselves. They are often complex (spatial configuratrions, lighting solutions, questions about sustainable materials, etc.) and very inspiring. Sometimes, however, with all the parameters to juggle things can be quite dizzying.

The competitive situation

With the competitive situation. It is really exciting to compete with the best international architecture firms.
When we’re successful. When we keep developing.

When the going gets tough

With the pressure to innovate. It’s not always easy to keep coming up with convincing new ideas.
Time pressure is also a factor.

What’s special about us

We are individual, intercultural, and quick to act.